Pregnancy and Postpartum | The Importance of Breathing

Both the Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness programs begin with breathing.

Why is breathing so important?

Most of us do not use our diaphragms adequately when breathing. The importance of diaphragmatic breathing cannot be overstated as a foundational necessity in life, but all the more so during the prenatal and postpartum period.

Proper movement of the diaphragm acts as a subtle pump for cerebrospinal fluid and the gross pump of organ massage, digestive movement and lymph flow, which affects immunity, nutrient and waste exchange.

Stress shuts down diaphragmatic breathing, but in turn, deep diaphragmatic breathing sends signals to the body to stop producing stress hormones and to return to the parasympathetic activities of growth, repair, immunity and digestion.

The diaphragmatic breathing training we do is called Belly Training™ and it inspires great function of the diaphragm, pelvic floor and core muscles both during pregnancy and after birth.

During Pregnancy a strong and functional diaphragm:

  • Increases nutrients and decreases toxins in the body. Fast growing cells demand increased nutrient delivery. An unborn baby is the fastest growing group of cells within a pregnant body. Increased nutrient supply and better waste removal improves baby’s development and decreased toxins enhances baby’s feeling of well-being and vitality.
  • Reduces pregnancy discomforts by reducing muscle spasms and cramping, helping to alleviate lower back pain, reduces shortness of breath in third trimester and increasing overall mood.

During the Postpartum period, diaphragmatic breathing is used to:

  • Immediately rehabilitate from labour and delivery
  • Activate and wake up the midsection, core and pelvic floor
  • Reduce Stress and improve overall feelings of wellness

It may seem so simple, but the breathing exercises, which include Diaphragm Activations, Pelvic Floor Activations and Transverse Abdominis Activations, really can make all the difference to your pregnancy and postpartum recovery.