Postpartum | What is Intentional Recovery?

Intentional Postpartum Recovery is:

Recognising and celebrating that your body has just done an amazing thing:

  • Nourishing and growing a human for 40 weeks (give or take)
  • Giving birth to a human

New Mamas, we can be so hard on ourselves! Recognise what your body has done and celebrate it!

Recognising and accepting that nothing is the same:

  • Your body is different
  • Your sleep (or lack of) is different
  • The time you have to yourself is different
  • Understanding that we don’t look back to our pre-pregnancy body, we move forward and evolve with our new body

Everything has changed! Be patient with yourself while finding your routine, you don’t have to do it all.

Respecting your body for what is has accomplished by:

  • Taking the time to rebuild and reconnect with your core, breathing and relaxing
  • Taking the best possible care of your body: through good nutrition and asking for help where necessary to get some sleep
  • Find your tribe, find your support structure.