Online Postpartum Program

The Online Postpartum Program allows new moms to rebuild strength and reconnect with their core after birth, in the comfort of their own home.

It is suitable for both Vaginal Births and C-Sections from 6 weeks postpartum. The breathing and healing section can be started as early as 2 weeks postpartum.

The course comes in the form a comprehensive E-Book, giving you a detailed background on what we are trying to repair post-birth, a complete exercise library with photos, detailed movement and technique descriptions, as well as a link for a video demonstrating the movement.

The course then provides an exercise program for 2-3 days per week, with recommendations for movement and self-care for the other days.

The course can be repeated as often as necessary, as you will be able to continue making progress each time you repeat it.

In addition, you also receive 30 days of free feedback on videos of you performing the exercises, and replies via email on any questions you may have- please allow 24 hours for reply.

What do I need?

You need a set of resistance bands that can easily be purchased online or at Mr Price Sport, or Sportsman Warehouse.

Here are some links of where you can buy:

Mr Price Sport

Sportsmans Warehouse

Fabric Resistance Bands

Optional/Nice to have:

The whole course can be completed with resistance bands and body weight only, but it is an added extra if you do have some light dumbbells (2-4kg), especially if you would like to do the progressions later on. You can however also substitute with filled water bottles etc 🙂

Why am I doing this? Why don’t I just go back to the gym?

Pregnancy takes a toll on the female body. Pregnancy forces the body into unusual and less than optimal postures. If these postures are not restored after birth, it can lead to problems later on, especially if you enjoy being active- either in the gym, or perhaps you enjoy running or biking, or you just want to be able to pick up your toddler or keep up with them in the park.

Common postpartum complaints are:

– Hip pain
– Lower back pain
– Knee pain
– Tension in the neck and shoulders
– “Mummy Tummy”, Diastasis, or still looking pregnant months after birth
– Incontinence: loss of bladder control when sneezing, laughing, jumping, running

While these complaints are certainly common, they are NOT NORMAL. You should be able to live your life pain-free and without peeing yourself. These complaints are not just a ‘normal part of giving birth’.

A lot of these common complaints can be improved and even solved, by learning correct breathing techniques, and strengthening muscles that have weakened or become inactive as a result of pregnancy.

The Online Postpartum Course will be live for purchase from 7 August. Our Special Launch Price will be valid for the month of August.

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