Online Pregnancy Classes

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic around the world, we will be offering fully online Pregnancy Classes that you can do at home. Minimal equipment will be required: a pair of dumbbells, and some resistance bands will enable to follow along with the workouts.


Depending on your previous exercise history and fitness level, 2 or 3kg dumbbells will be sufficient, if you are very fit and used to weight training, 5-7,5kg dumbbells will be good. These can be purchased from any sporting goods store or

The resistance bands can also be purchased from Takealot or Mr Price Sport or Sportsman’s Warehouse.

You can also start the program without any equipment and add them as you go.


We will be using Social Learning on Facebook Groups. This is because at Pregnancy Fitness we don’t just offer random fitness classes, but there is a purpose behind everything we do, and we want to educate you as well, why we do certain things, so that you can apply them at home.

Social Learning requires you to complete certain units before moving onto others. This ensures that your foundation is correct, no matter the stage at which you join our classes, and everyone progresses at their own pace.

Everyone needs to complete the initial Introduction to Breathing and core Work before moving on. There will be 2 New Fitness Classes added per week.

If you want to exercise more than 2 times per week, it is highly recommended that you repeat the workout as this will allow your body to adapt and progress.

When to Start

Our Online Pregnancy Classes are now live. You can start at any time.

Please send an email to

You will be required to complete the Registration Forms and have clearance from your Doctor to exercise.

Community and Feedback

You are encouraged to share your training experiences, questions, and life in general with the community on the Facebook Group.

You can also post videos or email them to your coach for help with technique or modifications.


The cost will be R400 per month. This is a monthly subscription. Your membership automatically renews every 4 weeks in order to remain a member on the group.

You are able to cancel the subscription at any time.