Online Pregnancy Classes

Online Classes are available to anyone, anywhere. All you need is some basic equipment.


Depending on your previous exercise history and fitness level, 2 or 3kg dumbbells will be sufficient, if you are very fit and used to weight training, 5-7,5kg dumbbells will be good. These can be purchased from any sporting goods store or

The resistance bands can also be purchased from Takealot or Mr Price Sport or Sportsman’s Warehouse.

You can also start the program without any equipment and add them as you go.

All on the App

You will use an app which will have your session scheduled for your preferred training time. The exercises are mostly follow-along videos that you can view right within the app. You can then check-in after completing the session and send feedback or videos to check your technique. There will be 2 sessions per week scheduled. If you require more sessions, please be in touch.

When to Start

You can start at any time.

Please send an email to

You will be required to complete the Registration Forms and have clearance from your Doctor to exercise.


The cost will be R400 per month for 2 sessions a week. This is a monthly subscription. Your membership automatically renews every 4 weeks in order to continue receiving your fitness classes.

You are able to cancel the subscription at any time.