Everything we do in our Pregnancy classes has a purpose. We work hard to prepare your body for the changes it will experience with the added weight of carrying a baby. We work to strengthen your diaphragm, core and stabilising muscles. We also work hard to make the transition into motherhood as easy and safe as possible for your body.

You can start training with us anytime after 12 Weeks, with clearance to exercise from your doctor.

The Pregnancy Fitness program is composed of the following:

Belly Training™ (10-20 Minutes)

Belly Training™ is a method of training core awareness during all three trimesters, to improve the function of the diaphragm, abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. Belly Training™ increases baby’s vitality and feelings of well-being, by increasing nutrients to the baby and reducing toxins. At the same time it reduces pregnancy aches and pains, shortness of breath and overall mood for the mother.

Functional Training (20-30 Minutes)

We assess your movement patterns for any muscle imbalances, and prescribe corrective strength exercises that prepare you to handle children, and life, without movement restrictions.

Labour Training™ with Mental Imagery (10-15 Minutes)

This is a specific method to prepare pregnant women for the physiological and mental-emotional challenges of labour.

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